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I'm recreating the post here bc. I first posted on the Design forum and maybe it wasn't the right forum.


I'm looking into creating an object that works bassicaly like a wall tool but only as a 2d shape. Input a path ( line, spline or polyline) and "extrude" the shape along it - keeping just the 2d fill. So that I can work with it on layouts, worksheets etc. Basically a graphical tool for creating diagrams. It's a bit strange that we have the wall / beam / railing tools that do that so well in 3d but nothing for 2d presentations. ( I know that I can draw it on floor plan and explode it but that's awful if you need to change something and redo all the lines for example)


The only resource I can find by searching for it is POE, but there is little information about it and all the posts are from many years ago.


Is this the best way to approach it? If anyone has some thoughts on this or even pointers, it would be much appreciated. dunno maybe there is something that can do that today & I missed it.



If you search for the polyline object from sincev6 that is probably where you want to go.


I found this thread to help others avoid searching:


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The Dynamic Polyline by sinceV6 is a good start for sure !

Miha Nahtigal

My object "ArPolyline" does exactly what you need, except for arrows at the end.

ar_library/Library_Src/2D/arPolyline at main · malamalca/ar_library (




Hej... yes it does. Pretty cool!

The arrow pointer can easily be added with a sub.

Question though :The library part icon shows a poly with lines and arcs, but I can't seen to change the segments to arcs. It is so that it's just straight segments between hotspots? I read in the sinceV6's post he complained about adding arcs to the polyline being a PIA so it might be the case.

Thank you, it's a good object for what I need.

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