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Override Object's Attributes with project2{4}


Hello everybody,
Does anybody know if there's a way to correctly enable the "Override Object's Attributes" when using different parameters for cut and projected lines and fills with project2{4}?

Kind regards,


There is a bug in PROJECT2{4} that will prevent you from showing the BMat correctly, you will need to do that by looping through all different used BMats.
That rather convoluted workaround can be seen inside the "CWFrameRegDouble" macro.
Basically you loop over all different parts of your object, seperated into bmats, where you overwrite the attributes ( "Building_Material_info" request).

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Thanks a million for the quick response! I'll have to investigate the macro...

In the meantime, You wouldn't happen to have a remedy for another (possible) bug in PROJECT2{4} that draws the projected (i.e. not cut) line of an opening created with CUTFORM with the cut line instead of the projected one?


All the best.


Ps. Simple test case attached

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