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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Resizing 2D objects from library par maker


Hi everyone,


I recently draw few 2D plan trees with the library part maker (Archicad 26), witch is an amazing tool. I know there is other ways to create 2D object, but I wanted to get trees that can be simplified depending on the scale and the precision of the project (schematic, low and full resolution).


Once I created the trees, I realized that I couldn't modify the 2d dimensions of it, witch is quite embarrassing. Could somebody help me to fix this problem with or without the GDL skills? 


Capture d’écran 2024-01-18 à 12.34.52.png


Capture d’écran 2024-01-18 à 12.38.08.png



Hi Pablo,


I havent used the library part maker but can do in 2d script.


Depends a bit how the script is setup, happy to look at one for you if you post it here. Or a simplified version is ok too. Else attached is a simple example to review, have a look at 2d script.

Brisbane, Australia



Thank you for the answer, indeed it supposed to be solved with the 2D script, but as I sayed, I don't have any skills with the script! so here is my tree .gsm.


Thanks a lot!

Hi Pablo,


Maybe someone on the forum with knowledge of the library part maker will solve this easier, there must be a way to do it without scripting.


The part you sent me also calls a second library part called "SRC Arbre 2" so I cant test it.

Anyway try this. Change this line in the 2d script


call    "SRC Arbre 2",
    PARAMETERS A =     6.046339, B =            1, gs_list_cost =            0,


with this


call    "SRC Arbre 2",
    PARAMETERS A =     A, B =            B, gs_list_cost =            0,


it should stretch what i assume is the tree object to the size of A & B.

Brisbane, Australia

Oh yes, my bad, I attached the wrong tree, here is the good one! 😅

Actually, the solution I found was to save the Library part maker object as an object a second time, but it means that I have to keep the library part maker object as a source file, which mean having 2 time more object in my library, and I don't want that haha!


Also, I found the begining of a solution : in the tree you posted in your first answer, I found in the 2D script these lines :


Capture d’écran 2024-01-29 à 09.59.45.png


So I copied and pasted them in the beginning of the 2D script of my tree, replaced this :


!these values are coped and pasted from the original A and B in parameters script, they should match the size of the object when not stretched.
mul2 A/3.003683, B/4.402504


by this :


!these values are coped and pasted from the original A and B in parameters script, they should match the size of the object when not stretched.
mul2 A/6.046339, B/1


and it created a tree with 4 size points but they are at the wrong place and I cannot modify the size :

Capture d’écran 2024-01-29 à 10.15.28.png


So I suppose that these lines are the good one, but I don't know which values I should change to place the size points at the right place!


Thank a lot for your help anyway!

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