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Stepdown symbol, edit 2D script

Vincent G

Hi guys,


I'm quite novice with GFL, and mostly working on Revit these days so my knowledge is really rusty.
I got this setdown symbol coded by CI for us, and I'd like the value (manual input) to also allow letters (currently numerical only) in order to have VAR. or some prefix


I'm pretty sure this is dictated by the 2D script, the linerarDimensionFormat. Could you tell me what to replace in order to allow letters + numbers on that setdown value? I've been looking in GDL guides but haven't had luck yet. 



 Thank you in advance

Barry Kelly

The number (stepSize) is already being converted to a string, so it should be a case of simply typing the text you want in quotes then + then the converted number that is there already.






Don't forget to add a space after VAR in quotes if you want a gap between that and the number text.


If you want the user to be able to alter "VAR ", then create a text parameter and use the parameter name instead of "VAR ".



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