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Imported Objects from Autocad Inventor have no cover fill.

I have several hundred timber framing objects imported from autocad inventor. The DWG objects arrive in archicad fine except that they have no cover fill. Is there a workaround for this?

gdford Advisor
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Resolved! Questioning about Backward Migration Script !!!

Hi there,I was reading ArchiCAD GDL Reference Guide about Backward Migration, and I have found the following in the guide, Backward migration only works for one version back, so the targetGUID only needs to be set once (except when you make a fork in...

2D Text Limitation in Opening Tool

Are there any limitations in the 2D Script of the new(23) Opening Tool. I have to create a 2D text, but it's only shown in the Preview, but not in the plan. Anothe Problem is that i want to show this text outside the opening boundaries, but 2 D Eleme...

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Return size of macro

Anyone has a nice strategy to get the size of the macro you're calling?This would be very handy.E.g. row of chairs where you want to place them in distance.Returning "A" and "B" doesn't work, sadly.

runxel Legend
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Resolved! Hiding 2D hotspots in 3D view

My object is displaying static hotspots from the 2D script in the 3D view. For clarity in my model I only want to see the few 3D hotspots I have created. How do I hide the 2D hotspots without loosing associative dimensions in 2D?Is this a job for GLO...

Moving part of an objet with a hotspot

I am trying to put in place an objet that has a 3D form and 2D éléments, the red lines (please see images). I would like to allow the user to move manually the 2D lines in red. The 2D red lines are on itself an objet that is called into the final obj...

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Subtype object parameters merging

Hello!This comes to my mind when I make a new object.Is there a way to explode the type object parameters (blue in UI) ?What I ´m looking is that I could compose parameters by choosing many subtypes one after another. Now if my object has a subtype a...

Curtain Wall Frame Cutting Planes

Hello ARCHICAD Community,Can I anyone point me to a resource (e.g. user manual) to explain the functionality of the cutting planes for curtain wall frames?How do the "axes" for Cutting Plane parameters differ for the various frame types:-Transom-Boun...