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Does Archicad become slow on your Mac after being used for a while?


Just something I've noticed after years and never bothered to ask about it. After working in an Archicad model for several hours, I notice it gets really laggy in basically all views. Menus slower to open. Panning slower. Zooming in and out skips around. I've noticed this for many versions and on several different Macs. Currently running AC27 on an M3 Max MBP. Closing and restarting the app fixes it and then I'm flying again. But I don't notice this on my PC. Anybody else? Is something going on in the background of the file that I could do to "reset" without restarting the entire app?


Yes, totally the same here. Haven't had it with AC26 tho.

I'm on an M1 MacBook Pro.

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lol came here to post this topic as I originally posted it on Reddit and had people saying they have also experienced it.


for the record I’m running AC 27, M3 Max 128gb RAM on ~4000 sf residential projects 

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