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Elements invisible when dragging


In Archicad 26 we are experiencing problems when dragging/copying objects, fills, walls, text etc. Once you start to drag (in 2D view) the element disappears. The problem only occurs after working for some time, once it happens it will not go away unless you close/restart ArchiCAD. This is really annoying since this is one of the most used actions when producing a model. The error is on all machines we use: iMac, MacBook Pro and on MacBook Pro Silicon.

Does anyone else experience this problem, is it a known glitch? I know 2d is ArchiCAD's problem child (creating a simple  symbol fill with no more than 20 lines and applying it to a large surface can slow you down to almost a halt for instance) - but maybe there is a known quick fix for this specific 'invisible when dragging' issue?


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