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Feedback on ArchiCAD 27 New Features

Some (including me) experienced live streaming issues with the Event on Day 2. One thing that was affected for me was the ArchiCAD 27 new features session. It came across extremely pixelated and unwatchable; even though I checked my speeds in OOKLA Speedtest at over 400 Mbps. Ant any rate, I went to the site to see what's what.,and%20sp...


It would be hypocritical of me to be as merciless as I've been towards GS interaction in most areas with their client base, yet not give an honest opinion on other areas. When it comes to ArchiCAD 27 features, I have to say this is the best I've seen come out since version 22. We all know how bad the upgrades for 23-26 have been. I am definitely looking forward to putting some of these new features to use.

My only knock is being locked out of BIMx enhanced features because I don't use BIMcloud SaaS. I'm sure they could figure a way to have it work with some sort of I/O method for solo .PLN or BIMcloud Basic files. Maybe someday...

I would give it a 7 out of 10. I still feel it falls short of the $975 SSA fee, but again, it's better than we've seen of late.

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I'm going to take a slightly different tack and say that this version for me looks to be characteristically underwhelming, but then again,  to be expected and not surprising that it is so - if for no other reason than that they're delivering exactly what the Road Map pretty much said it would deliver.


And I already pointed out what the problem there was in the Road Map thread ( too many MEP,SAM upgrades and features and a singular Architecture related and focused feature (Design Options) for ostensibly Architecture software).


The Design Options feature is indeed important and looks like it will be useful, and while the juiced up guidelines and tracker will be a great asset and improvement, I feel like those are not topline upgrade features but more of the "....and something else" line.


In any case, publishing a public road map is, or at least should already be paying dividends for Graphisoft in the sense of tamping down expectations for this release since we pretty much all saw this coming from it.


Is it an improvement over the past couple of versions (or three to be exact)?

I guess,......if your basis of comparison is the very low bar they set for themselves in the last 3 or 4 versions.

But that doesn't mean I'm throwing them any parades any time soon given just how far behind the curve they are and continue to remain in terms of goodwill of their customers and where they program should be.


I begin to hold their feet more stringently to the fire from ArchiCAD 28 onwards since they now have no excuses.

If they're actually serious about this new outlook of theirs, I mean.


P.S. I did find it rather sad/laughable/vexing that the GDL editor as a mode of creating parametric custom objects, - which a lot of users dislike if for no other reason than we're architects and designers and not coder and don't want to learn how to write lines of code when we should be designing.....VISUALLY.....- is one part of the program that receives a "dark mode" in ArchiCAD 27 now to better help coders who have to stare at lines of code for so long and to better help reduce the strain on the eyes.

They actually said something along those lines in the video (I'm paraphrasing obviously),.....and  I'd have to assume it was without the slightest hint of self-awareness, irony or introspection considering the fact that those are the same reasons that people (most of whom hate GDL and don't want to learn GDL coding to create parametric custom objects) have given for wanting them to institute a dark mode for the entire program......and not just the part the don't use.,...nor want.


So no dark mode for the program writ large (at least on the PC side), but dark mode for those of you using GDL coding.

Got it!

Sometimes, these Graphisoft people have the most convoluted (and not too funny from our end) sense of humor.



@Bricklyne Clarence wrote:

So no dark mode for the program writ large (at least on the PC side), but dark mode for those of you using GDL coding.

It is not a full 'Dark Mode'.

All it does is make the background of the text window dark and invert the colours of the text.

You can do that yourself in Archicad, just change the background colour to dark instead of white.

All of the toolbars, parameter screen, etc. in GDL editor remain 'light'.



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Oh, my bad.

So we still don't have a (true) dark mode in ArchiCAD (on the PC side, at least), is what you're saying.

Good to know.


But hey, at least they can change the background of the GDL editor to dark to....."reduce strain on their eyes"


Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

The event videos can now be rewatched as on-demand videos.

Here is the Product Update video about the new features:


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It is good, and the biggest lead forward. Whoever they have in there pitching ideas is clearly in the industry. 

One huge help would be an ability to add in additional reference levels, as two just isn't enough in a lot of models.

Being able to put a variety of reference levels for multiple building types, all drawn from level 0 would be outrageously helpful.


With regard to the dynamic dimensions, would there be a way to click the blue guide line and make it real, adopting the current dim style saved? even better would be if that dimension that became live, would remain linked in the same dynamic fashion, but printable. 

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