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Magic wand drop in performance when using Trace Reference - bug?


Can someone test this pls


1.  Create some intersecting circles (5 should be enough)

- Using the Magic Wand tool, create some fills from the intersecting areas - should work nice and smooth (so far so good)

- Undo the fills so that you're back to circles only


2. Isolate the layer the circles are on and create a view (to be used as TR)

3. Invert the layers so the circles are now hidden

4. Activate TR and set the circles layer as the TR

5. Use the Magic Wand again to create fills from the intersections


On my machine the Layer icon on the Info Box starts flashing for a while, then the Magic Wand pre highlight appears and finally the fill appears, but there's a few seconds lag, where there is none in step 1 above


Can anyone confirm or is it a problem on my end?


Edit: no 'Report Bug' section and no 'Bug' tag?


Edit 2:  I tested this on a completely new scene using default template and workspace on AC26 latest build



Can someone from the AC team check this pls?


This flickering/lag happens a lot on my machine and it would be good to know if it's a bug or not


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