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Is there an element that when bent will also bend the material mapping? I tried slabs, walls and beams but the top part of the element is always mapped without taking into account the bend:
Is it possible to change the PDF defaults when setting up publisher sets and adding layouts to sets? I almost always need to add layouts to be published and AFAICT I need to check and set PDF options every single time.
I've tried restarting AC but nothing I do seems to help. No material changes or even steps type changes will change the look of the steps. I've tried overriding materials and so on. Tried creating new steps but structure and materials stay the same (...
Does the above exist?
Is there a quick and easy way to place - say - a tree and with each click define a random rotation and scale, within given parameters (e.g. random rotation 0 - 360 degrees, scale +/- 30%)?