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Is it possible to update layer combinations based on the current open window combination (similar to how we can update views)? Currently I create a new combo then delete the old one but there must be a better way?
Can someone check this pls so I can understand if it's something on my end or if it's some kind of bug, or expected behaviour. The attached file is very simple - just some intersecting circles on a hidden layer and shown as Trace Reference With the T...
How is it possible that after 26 versions and many requests, a self proclaimed best in class architectural software still doesn't have a simple corner sliding door object with useful options such as pocket, postless corner and so on?
Can someone test this pls 1. Create some intersecting circles (5 should be enough) - Using the Magic Wand tool, create some fills from the intersecting areas - should work nice and smooth (so far so good) - Undo the fills so that you're back to circl...
Has something changed wrt Trace Reference lately? Performance has really gone downhill, especially when drawing/editing walls Specifically, if I select a wall when TR is on, the 'Structure' icon/button in the Info Box flickers constantly, as if some ...