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Most Challenging Model of My Life

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hello Community, 


We all know how designing and modeling is happening:

  • We have a great idea and it makes us happy.
  • Immediately we realise the geometry is pretty complex, or at least, nowhere near obvious how to model it.
  • Panic!
  • Let's do some research - does anyone have any idea how to solve my issue?
  • Once we read blogs, watched tutorials on Youtube and asked all our fellow Archicad mates on different platforms while we also experiment with our own solutions, suddenly, the answer is in front of us.
  • Congratulations, you solved one another puzzle!


I would like to invite you to share your story about a challenging model - share pictures and let us know how did you solve your issue. Your post might influence a fellow Community member or Archicad user to achieve their goals!


Here is my story:

I started to learn Archicad while I was studying at university. As a rookie, I was really excited to use the problem, but I couldn't solve many of my ideas. This is how I landed on our good old Archicad Talk forum too. 🙂 

Unfortunately I don't have a picture about my building (my HDD died in 2017 with this project), but my idea was that I wanted to have small glass bricks in the exterior wall of my public building design. For any experienced user in Archicad, it is a simple task, but I had have started to learn Archicad at that time and I didn't know that much (it was in 2015, 2nd year of my university studies) and none of my friends could help. I googled a lot, and found some tips on AC Talk where a fellow user suggested to model such things with beams using complex profiles. This way you don't need to care about intersections and you can adjust things.

Today, I might right to say this was not the best solution, but at that time I was so happy I could achieve my planned design! 


Do you have any similar story from your experience? A challenging model either because you were a rookie or it was pretty complex you had a hard time to solve the puzzle?

Share you stories and connecting tips & tricks with us!


Take care,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin


How about adding a  "How do I model this?"  Category to the forum ?

Also, I think it would be useful to have more specific categories related to Building Types and Geographic Zones.   For example,  North American Homes,  Teamwork Projects,  IFC,  openBIM, Sole Proprietor...  Things like that make a very big difference in how Archicad is used and the solutions for how to model something.   

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