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Will Archicad 27 work with team that use Archicad 25?


I am so excited to try archicad 27 once it is out, finally some impressive upgrades that helps the actual productivity and time saving (we need more but this is really cool so far from what I seen).  


So I have a team in Europe (my company is in US) and they all use archicad 25. We already had issues with libraries because although they have same type of archicad (at that time 25) they had completely different libraries, it was quite a mess to collaborate on a project... Anyway.. Being so excited about Archciad 27, and their company policies to keep using archicad 25, will we be still able to collaborate? I heard that the newer archicad do not work in older versions (??)


It is quite a legit question as all of us use expensive software that is already difficult to colaborate in when someone has different language/library (I am the "poor" solo user), it is important for me that we still be able to co-work together whether I have archicad 27 and they have 25 or whatever it is. 


Any advice please? 

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Eduardo Rolon

If they are in 25 it is recommended that you stay in 25 which you can do since you can install any previous AC version.


AC only back saves only to the previous version so if you use 27 then you will need to save-as 26 then open the file in 26 to save-as to 25, then open 25 to check that everything is ok and you have not discovered a new bug in 25.


This is expensive software but at least is one of the few that let you save back at least one version, 3DStudio, Maya and RVT don't.


The library issue IMO is not a problem, AC handles changing libraries without any incidents and if need be you can have 2 versions of AC installed (INT and USA) which on launch will use their different libraries which saves time. AFAIK Archicad Solo has no issues loading different libraries.

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