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Wishlist spring clean


Dear GS, you might get a more worthwhile response to this issue if it were possible to rank / sort the existing Wishlist forum topics by the number of likes.


I don't anticipate a dramatic shift from the existing rankings if you don't. I think it's fair to say nobody will be rushing to read through the hundreds of existing posts. At least if we could see which issues have been liked the most then you might see a quicker update to other wishes if priorities have changed over time.


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It should definitely be be added at the forum banner:



But it is possible to get it sorted by doing an empty search for the wish forum and sort by likes:


Doing that and looking through the list it becomes clear that GS should do a pre-clean of post not feasible for the road map as there are a few such high rated posts. Can also note that it currently takes about 10 votes to get into top 100...

Thanks for the search link. Changing from Likes to Views or Replies is also worth looking at, as it brings some of the more relevant wishes to the top e.g. the ones where users have engaged and shown interest rather than just being courteous to administrators.

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The other issue I was concerned about is there are a number of posts like ‘AC27 wishes’ that have a bunch of wishes buried as replies and it’s no longer possible to like a reply. 

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Yes - but I assume that the 100 is just an arbitrary cutoff for decimating the number of wishes to process at the start and that it will be possible to post new wishes when things are up and running?

Yeah, there are lots of problems like that one, Scott.  I nagged and nagged people to make a single wish per thread and some said it was too much trouble vs typing them all at once... but the many threads with dozens of wishes are not anything that can be voted on in any meaningful way...much less anything that I want to take the time to read again.  (I'm not on the Wish committee, thank goodness.)


If anyone sees a good wish buried in another topic... please just make that a new wish post with a very clear and specific subject line.   (Unless the "Create new topic" button is something that only I see as a moderator.)


I followed the @thesleepofreason 's link for getting a list of wish topics sorted by likes... and after a couple of pages just gave up as most of the threads have meaningless subjects and/or cover too many topics.  Would take hours to go through.

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Absolutely, clarity clarity clarity. A clear wish specification with diagrams because we all know how to do this with our details etc. 


Rather than just sort the existing list that is buried and in many cases obscured we should have a priority list from GS to put in our order of preferences. Who knows what is at the top of the list ?
shouldn’t we have the RM ideas pool list before us to rank them in order first ?


Really I think that there are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians as the saying goes. This should really be a very simple exercise becuase most of us are busy designing and documenting buildings.


Please just give us the ideas pools list to rank first and then take it from there. Please do not complicate the process for the busy working people here that use AC. Thank you GS.

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So I guess the votes from the old system have truely been lost to the aether... and all of the locked posts... *clap* *clap* *clap*

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Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Dear All,


You can see the current top listed wishes collected here:


@Lingwisyer before kicking off the cleanup, we also unlocked all the topics in this board. Feel free to discuss the things as you wish.


Kind regards,


Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

@Noemi Balogh wrote:

@Lingwisyer before kicking off the cleanup, we also unlocked all the topics in this board

Right now this doesnt apply to the wishlist in the german subforum , though

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Thanks for the feedback, let us check on what is going on (because according to my knowledge, it should have been unlock anyway... but it seems I'm wrong with this info).

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

German wishes are unlockled now as well.

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin