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Rotate Elements in 3D

Szabolcs Miko
Free rotation is available for ShellsCurtain Walls and Morphs in the 3D window, while other construction elements can be rotated only horizontally. Settings, controlling their slope or pitch vary by element type: Rotation of Objects is only possible horizontally, around any other axis it can be done within the GDL code or by using 3rd party add-ons such as Cadimage Objective. Note: It is possible to create a Morph out of any existing element with a simple conversion.

How can we rotate elements in the 3D window?

Rotation in 3D can be done two ways.

Defining a rotation axis

After activating the rotation command (Edit> Move> Rotate or use Ctrl+E default shortcut) the protractor appears asking for the rotation centerpoint. Click and Hold to define the rotation axis, then rotate manually or by a specific angle.

Defining the plane of rotation

We can define the plane in which we would like to do the transformation. Make the Editing Plane visible in the 3D window (View> Editing Plane Display) and then choose the Pick Plane option, either from the menu at View> Grid & Editing Plane Options> Pick Plane or by clicking on it's grip in 3D. Click on three points to define the plane.

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