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Archicad 26 Update 5 release

Dear All,  


We are pleased to inform you that Archicad 26 Update 5 is now available in all languages for both Full (7004, 7005) and Solo (7006, 7007) versions. You will find the installers in the Updates section of our website. 


There are some changes between the Preview and the Final version of this update, so the build numbers between the two will slightly differ. However, this won’t cause any compatibility issues for those who installed the Preview version earlier; simply install the Final version of Archicad 26 Update 5, the transition will be seamless. 


This update contains important solutions and fixes. Keep in mind that this is an update; therefore, it affects Teamwork compatibility — this means all users working in the same project will need to be on the same update number.  


This update enables Archicad 26 compatibility with Cloud licensing. You can learn more about this feature in the following Community articles:  


What is fixed in Archicad 26 Update 5? 

Below are a few examples of bug fixes that are included in Archicad 26 Update 5:  

  • MacOS 14 Sonoma users no longer experience Archicad crashes when using the Backspace or Delete buttons with activated Caps Lock in text editing;  
  • Shift no longer stays active after holding down the Shift key while opening a context menu;  
  • Manually switching between layouts in Teamwork does not result in the layer combinations to be set to "custom.”  
  • Crash due to invalid libraries during the Share and Send&Receive processes of a Teamwork project has been resolved 


For the complete list of fixes, please visit our related List of Improvements page. 


Users who have activated the automated Check for Updates function will receive notifications about this release.  


Please update your Archicad to maximize performance and for a better user experience, keeping in mind the Teamwork compatibility matters. 


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!  


Technical Support Team