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New features in BIMx

We’re pleased to introduce new features in BIMx Mobile, Web and Desktop. The update is available as of April 18th, further improving the interaction with architectural models in BIMx.


First and foremost, the 3D Model Switch lets users benefit from enhanced support for Design Options and in-context transition between 3D models saved with different Layer Combinations, Renovation Filters, Structure Displays, MVOs, and Graphic Overrides, easing model comparison. BIMx preserves the current view, sun setting, shading option, field of view, and cut plane while switching to a different model, maximizing efficiency.


3D Model Switch.png


Another addition to BIMx further improves the visual quality of the virtual model. Our Anti-aliasing guarantees sharper, more realistic 3D representation with smoother edges. See the right side of the below comparison. 



Furthermore, we continue unifying features across all platforms in this update. The following mobile-only features are now also available on BIMx Web and Desktop:

  • Architect Credits are displayed while opening 3D models and remain visible in the 3D window's top right corner.
  • With the save PDF button, you can export layouts and images of 3D views as PDFs for e.g. printing.
  • Undo/redo: Easy navigation between previously opened layouts and 3D views.





Get the latest BIMx Mobile app from the Apple App Store, or from Google Play, BIMx Desktop from the Apple App Store, or from Microsoft Store, and visit BIMx Model Transfer for the Web version.


For more info on previous updates, visit BIMx News.