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Tip of the Month, Feb/Mar 2024: Harness the power of Design Options

Dear Community members, 


This month we are excited to share an information-rich series of tutorials published by longtime Archicad user @JaredBanks! But before we dive into it, a quick service announcement about our new Tip of the Month schedule.


Up until now, we released the tips retrospectively, reflecting back to the month in which they were posted in the forum. Starting this month, our program guidelines will remain the same, but we will switch to selecting tips progressively. For example, the Tip of April will be released in April and reflect on forum contributions from March. This way we can post and promote each tip more quickly, for overall better visibility of these useful workflows!


Now, without further ado, let’s see what Jared got up to with Design Options!


Your Best Design Option Challenge - Landing Page Carousel - 1920 x 540.png


Archicad 27 introduced an innovative tool that enhances the experience of architects and designers managing multiple design options, helping make the decision-making process more seamless and efficient.  


Jared released a series of instructional videos detailing his firsthand experiences with Design Options. From the basics to advanced techniques, each video promises to unlock new possibilities and refine your understanding of this powerful tool.


Even if you're already familiar with Design Options, we encourage you to start with the introductory video. There's always room to learn and refine your skills.


Basics of Design Options in Archicad 27



Templates and Design Options examples



Site modeling, site context, fade environment



Hotlink Modules



Be sure to leave a comment on Jared’s post if you have additional insights or questions— our community thrives on collaboration and shared knowledge. We also encourage you to visit Shoegnome Architects’ website for additional resources, templates, and setups for Archicad.


See you next month with the tip of April!


Graphisoft Community Team