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Tip of the Month: share your knowledge and discover the Tip of July

Dear Community members,


We are delighted to kick off our Tip of the Month series, recognizing contributions and helpful tips shared by and for AEC peers around the world.


So what is it all about? Those of you who have been with us since Archicad Talk may remember the Best Tech-Tip of the Month. The goal of this new series is similar: to promote meaningful discussions on Graphisoft Community forum boards, by recognizing users who share their knowledge and workflows. You can expect at least one published tip per month, with the possibility of an honorable mention if the month’s community sharing is extra inspiring!


Here’s how it works


Every month, our moderation team will select a tip from threads posted between the first and last day of that month. The award goes to the author of the tip – whether it's the start of a new thread or a reply to an existing post, with a higher chance of success for replies marked as accepted solutions by the original author of the thread, a moderator, or the Community team.


When you initiate a discussion or post a question, one of our four diligent Community moderators will most likely be among the first to provide a response. This outstanding group has been sharing their expertise for years, providing invaluable tips and tricks to enhance your workflows. In the pursuit of curating and presenting the most valuable tips for you, our moderators may include their replies in the monthly tip selection as honorable mentions.


Our primary goal remains to showcase your contributions and provide tips and tricks that enable rapid and meaningful learning.


Moderation team


Barry.png Eduardo.png Karl.png Laci.png

Barry Kelly

Perth, Australia

Eduardo Rolon

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Montana, United States

Laszlo Nagy

Budapest, Hungary


Selection process


The team evaluates each candidate based on the following criteria, evenly weighted:

  • Reach: useful for a wide range of users; successfully addresses recurring issues
  • Clarity: the tip is explained and structured well, is accessible for beginners; instructions are clear, easy to understand and follow
  • Creativity: innovative and original; solutions are creative and work efficiently with software tools and functionalities

Updated in March 2024: In each month, we select tips progressively to be published on the Graphisoft Insights blog. For example, the Tip of July is released in July, and reflects on a reply/thread posted in our forums between June 1-30. Tips of this series will be marked with the Tip of the Month tag, organized according to their level of complexity: beginner, intermediate, advanced.


Every new user awarded the tip of the month gets a dedicated Tipster badge. Authors that collect multiple "tips of the month” are eligible to get these milestone badges:

  • Tipster Badge (awarded for having 1 tip selected)
  • Veteran Tipster Badge (awarded for having 5 tips selected)
  • Elite Tipster Badge (awarded for having 10 tips selected)
  • Master Tipster Badge (awarded for having 20 tips selected)
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Tip of July 2023: Easily control the material of Door surfaces


We are excited to share our Tip of July, by David Maudlin. Learn how you can easily control the material of Door surfaces through two work environment tools in Archicad:


Model dialog box


Make this tool visible in your Door dialog box:

Work Environment > Tool Schemes > Tool Settings Dialog Boxes > Door Tool > make Model visible.




You will then have the Model box available and can check/uncheck the Override Surfaces option.





Surface info box


Make this tool visible in your Door info box:

Work Environment > Tool Schemes > Info Box > Door Tool > make Surface visible (or if it is visible, move it up in the list for easier access).




You will then have the Surface box available in the Info Box to check/uncheck the Override Surfaces option.




We hope this trick is useful and optimizes your workflow! A thank you and congratulations goes to David for sharing his knowledge and winning the tip of July! Visit the original forum thread, if you’d like to leave him a kudo.


Honorable mention


Shout out to our moderator Barry Kelly, for his tip on how to model wall opening surfaces with multiple colors. Barry gives you a few suggestions on how to achieve this result, and shares a customized object to help speed up your work. Click here to read the post and download the object.



We would like to praise our Moderation team - Barry, Eduardo, Karl and Laszlo -, for assisting us in recognizing the valuable contributions of our Community members. We look forward to seeing great tips and building a strong community of AEC professionals, helping each other overcome daily challenges and fostering professional growth.


Graphisoft Community Team