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AC27, a memory hog?


AC 27 has been eating up a lot of memory for quite a few of my clients. One particular issue is that AC will freeze up when clicking the teamwork drop down menu. When checking the activity monitor, a relatively small file it is using up 40-50GB RAM. Often times it will be Cineware that is hogging the memory, even when not running renderings.

We are also seeing very mundane operations, such as stretching cabinets in elevation/section freezing up for minutes at a time; and the same thing... the activity monitor is reporting massive memory usage for archicad at the time of the freeze up.


These range from small nuisance instances of 2-3 minutes to wasting 1/2 of a day or more force quitting and recovering frozen files. And even the short freezes pile up. If a team of 8-10 designers is losing 2-3 minutes per hour each; the math says that project is losing up to 4 hours of production a day.

what ever happened to that "faster than ever" slogan?

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Eduardo Rolon

Have seen 27 eat up 128Gb Ram while idle so there are some memory leaks there.

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