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ArchiCAD 18 slow on MBP

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Hi everyone,

I just installed ArchiCAD 18 (Student version) on my Macbook Pro 15" Retina 2014 and for some reason its running very slow.

It starts up rather quick but when it comes to working in the 3D Model, everything becomes really slow and its hard to navigate because there seems to be this pretty big delay.

Does anyone know why this is?

A friend of mine is using ArchiCAD 18 on his windows Laptop which has an i3 processor, no SSD and pretty old graphics aswell. But ArchiCAD sill runs really smooth.

I only have the basic MBP model, not the one with the nvidia 750GT. But so far I only put up a couple walls to check out the program... And I really though that the Basic MBP could handle that properly

I would appreciate any tips on how to solve this problem

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Hi, I just came to the forum to search for any posts about the same thing! Although I have AC 17 not 18 I have the same problem.

The office Imac - I5 3.4ghz with archicad screams, on my retina MBP I7 2,3ghz with GT750 M 15 GB ram SSD( and a very cool desktop picture) in 2D it feels sluggish, the screen tears and jumps (in 3D it's ok).

There are 2 things that cause this I think:

1 - The retina screen has a lot more pixels to draw

2 - MBP is running yosemite and the imac is running Marvericks, and I think it has not been optimized yet.

Also there is a difference in CPU clock, but I think it's not that important ... right?

What do you guys think? Anyone else running into the same issues?
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I think its because of the Retina Display... The solution I found is opening ArchiCAD in low resolution. When you go to your applications Folder, you can set "open in low resolution" for

Obviously it doesn't look as nice anymore on the retina but it runs a lot smoother...
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