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ArchiCAD Essentials ITG

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I'm having difficult installing ArchiCAD Essentials interactive training guide. I think the archive.jar in this package is corrupt.
Is there anyone with the same problem??
I use an Windows XP Pro.
How can I fix this?

Raul Silva
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What problem are you having? I just posted a problem also. I am having problems with all the training guides now.
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5 download tries before I had success.
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Hi baukunst and Bier Designs,

First of all, thank you for your post.

I'm still having problems trying to install this tutorial.
I'm making more downloads of this tutorial and it still doesn't work.

I'm using Windows Xp and when I click the *.exe file,
it starts to unpack the file to a folder,
and when it has finished to unpack,
appears on the screen a little window
of the JAVA initiation, that it's so fast that I some
difficulty to see exactly what is
and then doesn't do anything else.

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Maybe you should zip up these files.
Being mostly video they might not be a lot smaller, but the whole enchilada might arrive in better shape?

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Yes the problem seems to be with archive.jar While installing we got similar message. i will trial again as Bier suggests
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I am not having a problem with downloading any of the Guides. I am having a problem with the Installer Wizard installing the downloaded Guide. I am have a problem with all of the Guides. I just ran a very thorough cleaning and permissions application and am still having a problem. What I don't know is if it is my machine or a problem with the Graphisoft file.
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I'm having trouble with the ITG Guide itself.

Basically, the guide instead of being "blank", has already been completed.

Is there anything I could do to reset the guide incomplete (so I can start working on it)?

Thank you in advance.
Barry Kelly
The very first PLA file is complete but there should be more PLA files in each chapter folder that relates to the work you need to do in each of those chapters.
You need to open those as you work through each chapter.
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