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Archicad 24 works fine in Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit! Why won't it let me install Archicad 25??


Never had any issues using version 24 but now when I go to install version 25, it says my operating system is not supported.... yet it has worked fine with 23 and 24.

I cannot find any info on what the actual change is here. I sense BS


Sounds like you were lucky that you had no issue with 23 and 24 on 8.1 given neither of them supported it... We had to upgrade to 10 when AC23 came out due to it being unsupported and too buggy on 7. Maybe they hard gated it due to getting too many complaints from people on unsupported hardware / software...


Is there some reason why you are still running 8.1? The free upgrade / update to 10 is still available apparently.




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I run the dev insider builds and have no issue with v 24 on windows 11.


AC has been unsupported on anything earlier than Win10 since AC23.  So while you may have been able to install 23 and 24 and it and appeared to run okay on win8.1, you ran the risk of having a catastrophic failure.


Also, Microsoft end of life support for Win8.1 ended back in Jan 2018, so you're likely no longer getting critical security patches. 

The upgrade from 8.1 to 10 is fairly painless and if your hardware currently runs 8.1 stably you shouldn't have any issue running 10.  Technically the free upgrade program ended back in 2017, but by all reports the upgrade process may still offer a free upgrade.


Upgrading to win10 is really your only course of action and is necessary to protect yourself for security vulnerabilities.


I would hold of upgrading to Win11 though, as there are some significantly higher minimum hardware requirements for Win11, so you'll likely need totally new hardware for this.

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This is true I have several newer machines and only two meet the actual windows 11 requirements. However the others seem to bee accepted still even not having tpm 2.0

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