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Archicad 26 performance


Hello Graphisoft

Since starting to work with Archicad 26 INT official release, I noticed a considerable drop in overall performance.

Compared to Archicad 25:

  • Archicad takes longer to load
  • loading project files takes longer
  • opening 3D Window, Sections, Elevations, Interior Elevations & 3D Documents takes longer to load (all 3D rebuild operations)
  • updating Drawing Views on Layouts takes longer

I experienced a LOT of 

  • Error message: "you don't have enough memory to complete this operation"
  • Archicad 26 crashes and/or freezes (requires force quit)
  • because of these crashes I regularly do Preference Cleaning and Open with Repair on the .PLN files

I generally always have Windows Explorer & Google Chrome open (G-Email, G-Calendar, G-Drive & other web pages loaded) along with web call & chat apps (ie. Telegram, Discord & MS-Teams. I always quit Zoom app after use, it's a real drain and grabs a lot of internet bandwidth in the background even when not in use). I use Google Earth Pro app a lot so it usually is open too. Other apps only loaded when needed.


My main computer is an ASUS-G703VR laptop with Windows 10 Home v21H1 operating system

Processor: Intel 6 Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (3.91GHz realtime)
Memory: 32,0 GB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM


Looking for the cause I started noticing in Task Manager that Archicad 26 draws a LOT of system resources (refer image)

AC26 compared to AC25 system resources on Windows 10 (42.2MB template file).png


In this screenshot you can see both Archicad 25 (blue) & 26 (red) system load. In both versions I loaded my template (42.2MB) which are exactly the same setup with linked Libraries (nearly nothing in Embedded), Attributes, View Map, Layout Book & Publisher, Classifications & Properties... all the same, and no model in the file yet. There is a huge difference! Why?


Is anyone else experiencing the same issues? Any insights / advice on how to get Archicad 26 back to Archicad 25/24 performance levels?

Francois Swanepoel
Everything happens in Archicad since v6.5 (2000) ‌
Hiking, Motorbiking, Good food, Gr8! Beer & excellent conversation 😉
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Daniel Pataki

Can more users confirm similar issues? I havent experienced the same problem by migrating my template... Just wondering, why are your template filenames completely different?

Archicad BIM-Expert

Hi @Daniel Pataki 
I posted this issue to also find out if others were having similar problems.

Although the file names on the screenshot are different, they are the same file just in different versions. I took the screenshot after saving the AC26 template as a project, before starting any modeling or edits.

Francois Swanepoel
Everything happens in Archicad since v6.5 (2000) ‌
Hiking, Motorbiking, Good food, Gr8! Beer & excellent conversation 😉
#MadeByDyslexia is my unfair advantage – expect curious ideas, creative big thinking & small typos.
<> <> <> <> (new) Anatomy of Archicad Course

Same problem here, very slow loading of the views (5 minutes) and even crashing. is not workable and the model cannot be reverted to version 25.

How come you cannot revert to version 25? Did you save as AC25 file in AC26, and it didnt open? What was the pop-up message?

Archicad BIM-Expert

Is it possible that @GRAPHISOFT will answer to this? 
We haven't updated enviroment in the office yet considering potential problems (as above). Despite having licenses.;-)

Wojciech Jakubowski
/jakabe projekty
Karl Ottenstein

Have any of you contacted your local technical support?  Graphisoft's participation here is somewhat random, so it could be a day or forever before someone comments on the issues raised here, so I would not hold my breath waiting for a response.


One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.7, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

@Karl Ottenstein Thanks for a good idea.:-) 

Wojciech Jakubowski
/jakabe projekty

Good morning! 


Just as we have a milestone submission the day before in the office, using ArchiCAD 26 on MacOS and opening sections is taking very long to open, generating the view. Basically, the performance is very slow.


I have read in previous posts, people have been experiencing delays of up to 5 minutes when opening such views. Has there been a recommended solution to this yet?


Thanks in advance!






Hi Francois,

I notice this issue also on my OSX system. Archicad V26 seems to use 2,5 time as much RAM memory versus V 24 when actually no recent tasks are pending.

The pln files are almost similar. The screenshot is from a stable period over a longer timespan... 

I encountered freezing issues during updating views also, this behaviour disappeared after deleting a 3D library object (man walking). Is this memory use a side effect of cropping the views?   See:



Andries MIXD
MacBook pro 16 inch. 2,4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, 64 Gb, Archicad 26-27