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Bug in v.19

While having a rendered picture open in a tab and quitting Archicad I first get a popup window for saving the file (if the file was not saved in it's last state).
Until here everything is ok.
But after I click the button for saving, another popup comes up asking again if I want to save the xyz.pln file. This one is a bug - it's actually asking if one wants to save the rendered picture, but it's stating that is a .pln file you should save.
Graphisoft, do change this soon, otherwise a lot of people could overwrite their actual .pln files with some rendered pictures. I don't think one would be happy if that happens to him/her.

One more question for admins - is there any way to link my GSTalk account with my Graphisoft ID? I had the GSTalk before I had the other one, now I have to use two different ones and would like to change that. How?

| Archicad 4.55 - 27
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Barry Kelly
Miha_M wrote:
This one is a bug
Are you sure?
When you quit Archicad with a rendered image still open it will first close that rendered image and it is this that Archicad is first asking you to save.
If you have more than one rendered image Archicad will ask you to save each one.

Then once they are all closed it will then ask you to save the PLN file.

If you have a rendered image open try just closing that image (not Archicad itself) and Archicad will ask you if you want to save it.
Then close Archicad and you will be asked to save the LN as well.

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Sure. I have double checked it.

First dialog window goes for "do you want to save the Project XYZ before closing?".

The second poped up dialog window follows "save changes for XYZ.pln before closing?" - this time I clicked YES and the followup dialog window has only graphic files extensions available (.jpg, .tiff, etc.) so overwriting the .pln file is not an option.

Well, not a real bug then, but a false description in a dialog window.

| Archicad 4.55 - 27
| HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Quadro M5000 | Windows 10 Pro x64
| HP Z4 G4 | W-2245 | 64 GB RAM | RTX A4000 | Windows 11

Katalin Borszeki
We have tested out this issue, and there's a problem indeed. In ARCHICAD 19, upon closing the rendered image tab, the dialog prompts you to save the "nameoftheproject.pln" unlike ARCHICAD 18. (However the file is saved in picture format only, so it WILL NOT overwrite the original project). We have recorded this issue, and planning to fix it! Thank you for letting us know!!!
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
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