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In a TeamWork file I got this message: Warning! The Cache Library could not be fully synchronized with the source library. Please check the report window for details.
What that means? How it affect my drawing? How can I correct it?
did you lose network connection at some point whilst archiCAD was running?

have you closed archiCAD and tried again with your network fully running?

it won't affect the archiCAD file in any way in the long term - archiCAD still remembers the objects even if they aren't loaded. it will affect your current session with archiCAD as the library parts won't show on screen or print.

a few minutes with library manager should sort it out if the above doesn't work.

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I have no problem with the network. This start to happened when I switch to AC8.1. I fixed almost all library problem except some trellis that never shown again, maybe because it was made with AC6.5 library. I'm really lost with library use and management. When use the .pla or the .lib? I really don't know.
I have gotten this message off and on, but only about the ArchiCAD Library 8.1.pla. Since that archive never changes, I don't worry. (My users tend to visibly wince whenever the report window pops up, however. ) I've never had an actual object fail to sync.

It has the aroma of a permissions issue about it.
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