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Can't Uninstall Archicad 12 on a new iMac

David Norman
I have just migrated from an older iMac (Snow Leopard) to a new iMac (Mountain Lion) and my Archicad 12 application will not open - I get an error message stating "interactive schedules missing".

I would like to uninstall Archicad 12 and then reinstall from the CD. However the Archicad AC uninstaller will not launch. I then reinstalled Archicad 12 anyway, but now have 2 copies of archiCad in the application folder, and some of files will open with the newer copy, but most files won't. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
AC17 | iMac 3.5 i7 | OS 10.9
Karl Ottenstein

and see if the section "Installer is damaged and can't be opened" helps - temporarily setting the System Prefs > Security gatekeeper to allow "anywhere" while you run the installer. (Be sure to switch your security back later.)

Once it does run, you might get the Java warning in the same article.

At this point, since you've installed another copy, you'll probably have to just drag the AC 12 folders (both) into the trash and reinstall one more time... Even though the various bits and pieces in system preferences/etc will not be erased doing that ... they should all get overwritten when you reinstall.
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David Norman
Thanks for your reply Karl. I couldn't uninstall, so simply reinstalled Archicad 12 on the new iMa, but am still having some problems with some pln files not opening I've decided to not mess with my installation and will keep using my older iMac with Archicad 12 until the summer when I upgrade to Archicad 17.
AC17 | iMac 3.5 i7 | OS 10.9
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