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Can't sign in to Archicad 25



I have educational license for Archicad 25. When I open the Archicad I can't sign in with my Graphisoft ID. The Sign in page doesn't work. It opens but I can't write anything into it. I have also tried this method below but it doesn't work. Only blank Sign in window opens.


In a running Archicad, do one of the following:

•Use the Archicad Help menu

•Right-click Graphisoft ID in the Status Bar (bottom right of your screen)

•Use the command in the Select License Types dialog. (This dialog appears during Archicad Startup if the required license is missing.)


So how can I Sign in? Or is it even necessary to do do because I have that one year license?


Best regards,



Markus Denzlinger
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

Try to make the dialog box a little bigger. The text should be visible then.



Thank you for your reply. The dialog box opens as well as the Sign In page when I'm in Archicad. Problem is that I can't write my email and password on those lines. Nothing happens when I click the lines and try to write something. 

Barry Kelly

Do either of these help?


There are a few posts on this topic if you want to do a little searching.



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I had this issue with one user here, too. Try to enter the information "blind".

mail address -TAB
password - ENTER



Thank you Markus for your help, that blind thing worked. ☺️

Thank you. 😊 These were wery helpful too in case I face this problem again.



This just happened to me with Archicad 26, Graphisoft should do something about this. Yeah the typing blind thing is a work around but you can't say that to every users. 😅

In the end what is your Objective?
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