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Cad monitors v. Games monitor

Having ordered a new computer with an RTX graphic card I am also considering replacing my 10 year old Dell 27" monitor. with a new 32" 4K screen. Is there such a thing as a CAD monitor, or will any good 4K screen such a Dell, Samsung, LG or HP, etc.,...

KeesW by Advocate
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License not detected

Hi all, I have just bought a new Mac with M1 Chip. OS Big Sur 11.6. I use Archicad 23 with a CM Dongle.Nothing I seem to do will recognise the licence. I can see the license on the code meter control centre and the License Manager Tool says everythin...

TB79 by Participant
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Archicad Layouts and Slow Speeds And File set ups

My company uses Archicad for our multi residential buildings.We have a 3 file set up.Main FileModel, and master layoutsBuilding FileWhere our hotlinks come fromDetail LibraryWhere we store all of our details and publish to PMK filesOur model/master l...

Comparing computer's performance

Is there a way of comparing the performance of different computers and hardware for Archicad? There used to be a standard model that was used to test this. I also asked about this 2.5 years ago and post it again because I am awaiting delivery of a (s...

KeesW by Advocate
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3D Connexion mouse in AC 25

I’ve successfully used the 3D connexion mouse in Archicad 25 on a PC but on my Mac the mouse movements are not smooth. When I pan with the 3D mouse on my Mac it’s very choppy and only moves in one axis at a time. Is anyone else having a similar issue...

Oosh by Booster
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Question: Forum Settings

Hi all,For the Moderators, I don't know where to put this topic, so please put it where you see fit. I need help with setting up my Graphisoft Community forum in these areas:I would like to change my nick name "Moonlight" to my real name.I have alrea...

Error when installing Archicad 24

I have one year student license. But then I want to install Archicad 24 I get an error that my operating system is out- of- date. But I have all windows updates and video card driver updates. What is the solution? Thanks in advance

Markky by Participant
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