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CodeMeter x10 - user cannot grab a license

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1 of 10 user in a CodeMeter-x10 license system cannot grab a license after lunchtime. That was when he logout his ArchiCAD.
1. System: License server is Windows XP
2. Clients: all are using AC12
3. I can see from the CmContainer Webadmin there are 0 Free and duplicate IP addresses I can see.

Please advise if anyone here experience the same. Thanks much.

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Karl wrote: You don't need to re-install anything other than the CM software... nothing about it requires that AC be reinstalled. Each machine should be restarted after the CM update.

That's not the case Karl. When CM are upgraded, AC plus applications (CmRuntimeUser_5.0.1077.504 & then the AC12-R1-CM-ENABLER-2782, the PDFwriter_for_Mac_1.2.1 & the for iMac users), and then our (customised) Libraries. Hence, it is disruptive.

We've yet to try the "change the default time-out setting on all computers" if it will solve our daily problem. Thanks
Marton Kiss

I did some test here to see the situation with the CodeMeter driver as it sounds really scary if that many other software would be affected by the reinstallation of the driver.

During my tests everything went fine, non of the mentioned application were affected. Here are my steps, please help to locate where these may differ from yours:
- downloaded the latest GRAPHISOFT tested CodeMeter driver from our site:
- mounted the installation dmg
- run the from the dmg
- restarted the computer
- mounted the dmg again
- installed the driver using CmInstall.pkg

Marton Kiss
VP, Product Success
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Thanks Marton. We have mixed clients of iMac and Windows. Agree on Macs but not on Windows. As follows:

Our steps in installing codemeter enabler and cdm runtime kit: 1. Un-install existing AC12 ( codemeter need newly installed AC12) to refresh.
2. Install Java 6 (existing AC12 installer is not running on Java 7!), if any
3. Re-install AC12 (while AC16, 17 installed already)
4. Install AC12-2782Hotfix6 5. install library update
6. Install AC12-R1-CM-Enabler-2782
7. Install Codemeter runtime kit (32bit for Winxp, 64bit for win7)
8. Runtime total: 30minutes per Windows PC.
9. We have tried installing codemeter enabler and runtime kit without un-installing AC12, but it's not working; it's always in demo mode?

Please advise.
Barry Kelly
I don't know that you need to re-install 12 completely.
Just download and install the code meter enabler?

I am pretty sure I have done this in the past but we don't have many code meter licenses and don't use 12 very much now so I can't be 100% sure.

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