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Installation & update
About program installation and update, hardware, operating systems, setup, etc.

Company File Storage vs Place External Drawings Storage.

We are Upgrading From an older NAS to a Synology 6 Bay NAS DiskStation with a four Samsung 4TB SSD's RAID.

We're a 10 person firm, everyone is on MAC.

with our current setup, EVERYTHING including our deliverables gets stored on a 6yr OLD NAS system. Consultant Backgrounds and anything that needs to be placed into ArchiCAD gets stored on an external Hardrive connected to the dedicated computer for the BIM Cloud Basic. Users then place external drawings from that HD connected to the BimCloudBasic Machine.


1. Does anyone have experience with a similar setup to what is proposed?
2. Is there a better way to place the consultant backgrounds, so that everyone can see them on the teamwork files?
3. Should the location of the placed external drawings be separate than the location for Deliverables and Archive or can they be the same location?
iMac - MacOs Big Sur 11.6.6
Archicad 24 - Latest Build
Archicad 25 - Latest Build
This post is a little bit old, but problem is still relevant.

The best way to collaborate with engineers, clients, architects etc. in terms of publishing and reviewing drawings is to set CDE - common data environment. Usually it's file storage with web access and additional tools like mark-up, comments, online file viewers (ie PDF, DWG, IFC), file versions.
The latest BIM Cloud has possibility to upload and download files directly to BIM cloud and access them via web-site. But currently there are no file viewers, built-in mark up tools or communication (like chat or commenting).
CDE can be built by IT solution providers - as technically it is not so complicated.
CDE gives access to all project data from any place on Earth via Internet and it is requirement from latest international BIM standard ISO 19650
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