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Dissappearing toolbox?

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i cant quite figure out at what times it happens, but when i open Archicad, every once in a while i lose my tool box. even if i try tp start a new project, with a template, of open an existing project, the tool box will not appear. the only way for me to get it back, is to open a new project in default settings, open one of my templates, then resave. anyone have this problem?
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I have been having the same random problem. I have a more frequent problem: the status report window shows up without anything listed, and I can't close it. For both problems, I open Windows/Floating Palettes/ and start switching the relevant palette. The menu typically does not relate to the actual status in the window. Eventually, I get everything back to where it needs to be.

i know what you mean! i have reported this as a bug, although haven't heard anything back yet!

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David Larrew
The problems and comments in this thread are exactly why we've been begging for DOCKABLE palettes!

But I'll calm down, and get off my soap box, since we were promised that AC9.0 will address this.
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