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Doesn't generate 3D

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Hi guys!

My archicad 16 doesn't generate any 3D images. When I press F3 or F5, nothing happens, it look's like some kind of error happens.

My Dell notebook has the windows 8, I don't know if that is a problem to archicad 16.

Can somebody please help me?


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Do you get an error message or just nothing?

Some things to check:

- Renovation Filter
- Axonometric / Perspective view (if perspective your camera may be looking in the wrong direction - change from one to the other and...)
- Zoom Extents - does anything appear (and check in plan view that when you Zoom Extents that there is nothing a long distance away from your model - you might have to do this for each storey)
- If in perspective mode and camera appears to be pointing in the right direction check the camera and target heights (check 3D Projection Settings)

Possible solution:

- Place a camera and make sure camera / target heights are appropriate. Select camera then go to 3D window.


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Nothing, no messages.

It seems like the 3D window doesn't open.
And if I change the engine to inside engine (not using the 3D open GL) the 3D appears, but very slow and with poor graphics.

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Could be a graphics card issue then. Is this something that has just started happening, or are you new to Archicad altogether?

It pays to add information about your system to your profile signature for future reference.

Karl Ottenstein
Does your laptop meet all minimum requirements here:

in particular the video card requirement? (Laptop should have a dedicated graphics card, not an onboard chip that shares main memory which is common in low-end laptops.)

See also:

(Of course, having nothing happen is not very friendly behavior vs getting a message telling you why nothing is happening.)
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I had the windows 7 and always worked very well

My notebook: 8GB RAM, core i7, 2GB dedicated graphics card

But now that I'm using the windows 8 this happens.

Outside chance: Was this file earlier opened on a dual-monitor setup with the 3d on the second monitor?
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No file works, not even a new file. I've uninstalled and installed three times and nothing changed.

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