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Extremely slow navigation times!!!

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Thank you to everyone who has posted comments on this already. It is just driving me crazy and I have not gotten anywhere with it. It is really causing major headaches for us. We keep all of our project files on our server. This is common practice. We connect to the server and open the file from the server. So the idea is to keep all files on the server, much more organized and safe. The problem is when you open ArchiCAD or Plotmaker and go to file open the navigation window comes up and you can navigate around your computer to look for files that you would like to open. This works fine if I am only looking on my computer, it jumps from folder to folder in about a second or less. But when I click on a computer that I am connected to accross the network it immediately slows down. Then to navigate from folder to folder takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. It is completely ridiculous. And this only happens in AC & PM. I have tried all other applications and this does not happen. Is there some setting that i need to change or what. I just don't get it. This did not start hapenning until we upgraded to AC 8.0 and it continued with every upgrade and still happens with AC 8.1. We are on a mac network 10/100 Base T. All computers have OS 10.2.8. Good amount of memory. Somebody please help!!!! I am getting desperate. Its gotten to the point where people are just storing files on their computer because of the speed issue. I try to tell them that its not a good idea because the server only is getting backed up and they are setting themselves up for problems of having multiple copies of files floating around and also you could take the chance of overwriting a file. So any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I have just the opposite experience. I'm noticing after the upgrade patch that load times seem to be faster. I did add a gigabit switch when 8.0 came out because load times to plotmaker where so sloooow! Now I don't have problems, unless the layout book contains pmks from a old file. I found that opening the old files and re-publishing the pmks seemed to fix the extreme load times.

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Stuart wrote:
We have also experienced the same problem on both 10.2 and 10.3, we have a fast 100baseT ethernet with Ggabit backbone and a Windows 2003 Server. I agree that waiting for files to open makes plotmaker virtually unusable.

We are also currently testing PC's as a replacement to Macs because of these problems and parts of ArchiCAD that does not work on a Mac, and so far I have had no problems in terms of speed opening up files.

It would appear that Graphisoft have spend more time testing 8.1 on a PC than a Mac.

Stuart (Hitting the wrong shortcut keys on a PC.)
What parts of ArchiCAD don't work on a Mac? I use both and am not aware of any.

Have you considered a Mac server? They are more secure, easier to administer, and performance is no problem (even with Windows clients).

With the rapid advances coming in Mac OS software and PowerPC hardware this seems like a strange time to switch to PCs. It reminds me of changing lanes on the highway only to find the lane you were just in is now moving faster. At the rate Apple is going there will be at least two major upgrades to OSX (10.4 will be shown at WWDC next month and will probably ship by August) before Longhorn is available (2006 at the earliest, 2007 is supposed to be likely). And if IBM can keep to their roadmap the PowerPC will be pulling away from the Intel and AMD offerings rapidly.

Even when the PCs had a clear performance advantage I found them to be more expensive (TCO) and less productive overall than Macs. This is based on both my own experience (I have spent roughly equal time on both platforms) and what I have observed among my clients.

Regarding Graphisoft's commitent to the Mac: I have been assured privately that there is a strong commitment to the platform and that the problems of AC8 were an anomaly. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I'm waiting to taste ArchiCAD 9 to see if this is true.

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see post in the other thread on this topic (perhaps they can be combined) that we get this behavior when connecting to a server running osx.2 server, and we have only just recently started to experience this, we were running fine for quite a long time.

we can get it to go away by restarting and reconnecting to server and at first navigation will be fast, but eventually it will slow down again.

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