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Font not appearing on Mac


Hi all,


I alternate between using a Windows Desktop in the office and a Mac laptop at home. We use two fonts, Lyon Text and Futura No2 D. Even though I have both fonts installed in my Font Book on my Mac, Archicad won't recognise them on my Mac and give me the bracket around the font eg [Lyon Text]. 


Anyone else have the same problem or know a potential solution? 





The fonts may not be compatible with Mac / Archicad...

Missing Fonts 


Do they work in other Mac applications?

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC27UKI (most recent builds)

Thank you for your response. Yes the fonts work in Archicad on Windows, and the fonts work in other Mac applications such as Keynote, Pages, Microsoft Word (for Mac).


See if this thread helps...

Missing font remap 

Apple iMac macOS Ventura / AC27UKI (most recent builds)

The font is open type format, which according to that thread suggests that it is cross platform.


That is an old problem and I remember seeing a working solution: 

Replacing missing fonts between Macintosh and Wind... - Graphisoft Community

I don't know if this one still works?

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Hi Miha_M,


This worked a treat! Thanks


We're gradually adopting Windows and getting rid of Macs in my office (much to my chagrin), and we have to stay vigilant on this.  I keep the improved XReadCfg.txt file on a server so it is always installed on new computers and new. versions of Archicad.  Unfortunately, every time you run a Hotfix/Build Update, it overwrites this file, and you have to redo it on every Windows computer.  Also, on Windows, it's in the C:\Program Files folder.  This generally requires admin permission to change, and it gets more difficult with every few Windows updates.

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