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Installation crashes in InstallPackageExtractor MFC App.

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When running the installation from our automated deployment solution, I get a dialog box titled InstallPackageExtractor MFC Application saying that the application has crashed.

I watched the progress, and it did extraction progress bar, window disappeared, then a second or two later, it crashed.

The details in the event log are as follows:

Faulting application AC12NZE2156.exe, version 1.3.60, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x000136be.

Followed by:

The application, <path to>\AC12NZE2156.exe, generated an application error. ... The exception generated was c0000005 at address 7C9136BE (ntdll!RtlLengthSid).

If I run the installer manually, everything works fine, but is not a viable workaround.
Karl Ottenstein
Hopefully someone else has seen this, but you really need to say which version of Windows this is happening on, both on the server and the workstation.

Offhand, it looks like the <path to> macro was not properly expanded, but I've never used automated deployment...

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Sorry, it's Windows XP SP2. I figured people would recognise the version number

I replaced full path with <path to> for brevity, and the path is correct. That part is informational, displaying path to executable. Perhaps you're not familiar with the Windows Event Log...

Personally, it sounds like a bug in the software not being able to resolve an SID or not allocating enough space or something along those lines.

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