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Installed Update 6000, but need 5100

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So I just started using Archicad today and made the mistake of instantly updating to version 6000, while the BIM-server where I work still runs on 5100.
Is it possible to downgrade back to 5100? I already tried downloading the 5100 update. But when trying to install it, it says that the system already uses a higher version and does not allow me to continue the installation.

My last resort would be reinstalling the whole program, but I hope there would be a less time-consuming solution to my problem.
Barry Kelly
Unfortunately you can't uninstall a hotfix.
So it is either reinstall Archicad or update the BIM server and all other users.

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Thanks for the quick responds.
The BIM server has to be updated by a third party group, because they control the server. So it seems that the only option I personally can do, would be to reinstall the program.

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