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Morph vanishes in 3d edit

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Hi. I'm trying to get my head round using the morph tool but for some reason when I try to use the tube or some other tools in 3d the morph disappears. It seems to work fine with the internal rendering engine but not openGL. I've used it to model guttering and downspouts in the past so I know it did work. Any suggestion?

Karl Ottenstein
Do you have a marquee in 2D and are showing only the marquee region in 3D?

If so, it is possible to draw a morph "out in space" beyond the invisible marquee region... and it will not show in 3D. Either show all in 3D, or make sure that you snap your Morph to something visible?
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Hi. Thanks for that. I don't think that was the problem, I think I've messed up the settings somewhere along the process of making my template and customising the work environment profile. I returned to the default 'Standard Commands' scheme in the work environment dialogue box and that seems to have worked, for now at least until I start messing again. Thanks

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