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Morphs and Slabs go to Wrong Story in 3D

I have a workflow problem that is driving me batty...

First, I should tell you I usually have my "Filter and Cut Elements in 3D" set to "Limited" as I have reference objects on that story (story's name is 'REFERENCE') and do not want them to show up in a typical 3D view. My problem is, when I am in a 3D view, and I model something with a morph or slab, the object gets placed on the aforementioned 'REFERENCE' story, which is set to not show in my 3D view settings. Basically I model something and nothing shows until I change "Filter and Cut Elements in 3D" to "Infinite". For example, I create a slab, I see the preview of it, but once the command is complete, it disappears.

I have tried using the eyedropper to sample something in my 3D view that is on the proper story, but it still reverts back to the REFERENCE story as its home story. Slabs and morphs are the only two tools I have found that this happens in so far. These tools also do not allow you to change their home story in the 3D window until you have completed the slab or morph.

Sort of a niche problem, but if you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them. Thank you...
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Barry Kelly
You are probably modelling the slab within the height range of the reference storey.
Elements will be placed in the storey that suits the height at which you are placing the element.

You can always type "z" before you place the slab to set the height in the tracker at which you want to place it.

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David Maudlin

To echo Barry's comment, the default settings for a Slab (or other Construction Elements) in the 3D Window will read Home Story: "Flexible (by Elevation)", so the Home Story is set by the height to Project Zero. Try setting the correct height before drawing the Slab.

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