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My First Week With Archicad 8.1 (Tutorial Problems)

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Hi, I'd like to know if anyone can help me with a little problem wich is starting becoming a mess for me:
I'm doing the "Step by Step Interactive" tutorial and I don't know how i created a blank space between the "GALLERY" and the "GROUND FLOOR".
My question is :
Is there any way to join those two floors? (once the blank space is done)could you please teach me how? or...
Do I have to re-start my drawing from the beginning?

If anyone answers this post, could you please be so kind to use basic english language (I'm not english and I don't speak english fluently).
Thanks for your support.

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Check your floor to floor heights in Options > Stories > Story Settings and check the heights of your walls and slabs in 3D, the Info Palette and their respective settings dialogs.
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Hi all again, I'm still with the Archicad Tutorial and... I 've created some things by my own, the problem is that now I don't know how to make a hole in the floor to let those stairs free to pass trough it.

Sorry for my english if it's not too god, i've put an image of what i've done and what i need. I'd be happy if anyone could help me with this.
1er_ejercicio7 copia.jpg
don't know how to make a hole in the floor to let those stairs free to pass trough it.
Select the Floor (Slab) and with the slab tool selected draw the 'Hole' you want to see. The new slab will cut out the existing slab and show as a "Hole".
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