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My model won't show in 3D anymore

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Hi there,

I hope that someone out there has an answer about this. I've tried to contact the Graphisoft Support but the page online seems down!
The fact: I've created a custom profile and drew one wall with it. Suddently my model won't show up in 3D anymore, no error messages, just a blank screen, however, if I select some or all parts of the model in 2D, then the 3D appears fine (only for the items selected).
I did try to delete the new custom profile hoping that it could perhaps solve the issue but not.. issue is still there >.< WTH is going on??
Is there any test I could run asking ArchiCAD to give me a report or error message?!
Barry Kelly
Have you tried the "Fit In Window" button at the bottom of your 3D window?

Also try switching from Perspective to Axonometric.
Sometimes (especially in perspective) your 3D can be looking in a totally different direction and sometimes fit in window does nothing.

And open your Navigator Preview and you will see an arrow (target) and a circle (view from (camera) location) joined by a line.
You can adjust these to adjust the 3D view.

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Hi Barry,

thank you very much for your answer.
I did zoom extent and looked into the perspective settings. I know exactly what you are referring to as it did happen to me in the past, especially with saved views which were loosing their point of view. In this case, if I select the elements in 2D and then press F5 it shows me the selected elements in 3D. If I then press F5 again to show the whole model, everything disappears.
Weird! I know!
As it stands, I had to keep going with my job today, I wasted one hour looking into it and decided to grab the backup copy of the file from last night (before I made that complex profile). All good again.
Thanks again