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AC 18 seems to "forget" Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings

I set the Relative Floor Plan Range to 1 Story above and 1 Story below. But it seems to forget these settings and constantly goes back to 0 stories down, so that retaining walls that are below the first floor plan are not shown in plan view. This is quite irritating, I must admit.

What could be the reason, or is this just a bug?

That's what I see after a while. The white retaining walls around the terrace are missing

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
These settings are stored with each view. If you activate a view by double clicking on it, then the settings will be recalled.

Conversely if you have views where the FPCP is not set then it will appear to 'forget'.

Is this possibly what's happening to you?


Barry Kelly
You need to change the settings in each view.
Changing the settings for FPCP in the main dialogue just affects what you see on screen.
As soon as you use another view it will revert to the settings saved in that view.

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