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Does anyone know where I can get good training in ArchiCad 'round the Kansas City area?? This would be just to train one individual, maybe two. No office standards to speak of...

If there is no training avail. in the KC area, can someone point out the best training in an area serviced by a major airport?

I don't know if I'm looking for an individual or a company??

Link, can you help, recommend?

Thank you.
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How did most of you, the accomplished users of ArchiCad, get trained / indoctrinated?
David Pacifico
Philip, I know he is not as close as you would like, but I would recommend Greg Blunier at Integrated Computer Resources (ICR)
He is in Peoria, IL. Phone: 309-691-4840

Greg has an amazing knowledge of ArchiCAD both techinically and on the usability side and is an excellent trainer. He can also support via Web training. I don't think you'll find anyone better.
David Pacifico, RA

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Graphisoft Partner
Yes - I can definitely help - this is all I do! Travel to Architectural/Design practices and provide intensive & interactive training and create CAD templates tailored to your office. You'll not only be productive, but confident & efficient, after just two weeks! I travel anywhere in the country - anywhere in the world!

Please call me on 208-721-0274 or send me a private message using the PM button below this post. I can show you how easy it is to get me there and also send you an ArchiLINK marketing kit. I have all the knowledge, experience and contacts needed to provide an effective solution, and can offer references from both past clients and Graphisoft representatives. I'm also sure you'll be surprised by my affordable rates - most people are!

Looking forward to chatting with you.


(PS. Sorry about the delayed reply - I think GS is experiencing problems with refreshing their pages, and I didn't see your message until I did a shift+refresh.)

I have used Link's services, for both ver 7 and 8.1, and can without reservation reccomend him!

I spent several months on the self-education path, (Vectorworks 1st) with some success but not until I started working with Link did I begin to fully realize the potential of ArchiCAD and make it do what I wanted, and then some.

It is a totally amazing piece of software when used to it's potential. Give him a call. It'll be the smartest thing you've done since you purchased ArchiCAD!

PM me if you have any questions.
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