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Notebook for student

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Hi everyone.

I am soon starting my 2nd year on university, architecture and i need to get a notebook for ArchiCAD mostly + everyday use, web browsing and stuff. No games or such.

I've seen Dell m6600 recommended couple times, but i can't afford it now, so i'm looking for something cheaper. My budget is about 700-800 $ (estimated, after currency change).

I wanted to take a closer look at those 4(5): <-- this and the above are almost the same, with only diff in processor 2x2,6 vs 4x1,6 Ghz (dont know what is Max Turbo Frequency though, listed as 3,3 and 2,8 respectively) <-- nVidia Quadro NVS sucks for ArchiCAD, right? If so, ignore this one

(Sorry these are not in english, but the components are fairly straightforward, so shouldn't be too hard)

So I'd like to ask for some advice on it, are those sufficient to run Archicad for college use? Or maybe there are better options in this price range?

Thanks, Adam
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Here are the ArchiCAD system reequirements:

If your computer match them, you should be fine. You will probably not be working with very large model (I guess) on your school projects so you will need to consider only the recommended configurations.

There is also an article about graphics cards:
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