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Operating System Support Cycle of Graphisoft Products

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Like Graphisoft products, different operating systems (OS) have their own life cycle, which starts with the release and ends by the date told by the OS provider. This article is a guideline on how we support our products on different operating systems.

Rule of thumb - which OS are supported by Graphisoft?

Graphisoft products (Archicad, BIMcloud and BIMx) are following the support cycle of the different OS provided by their vendors.


Archicad and BIMcloud compatibility follows the official schedule released by Microsoft. Our products are supported for those Windows versions which has the mainstream support by Microsoft. Operating systems which are already in their extended support timeframe, are not supported by Graphisoft anymore.

Once an operating system is not supported by Microsoft anymore, we stop to support our products on these operating systems as well.

We recommend to avoid installing new BIMcloud setups on those Windows / Windows Server versions which are close to the end of their support life cycle based on Microsoft's schedule. Continuous update on these BIMcloud / BIMcloud Basic setups will be not possible.


Unlike Microsoft, Apple does not officially release information on OS version releases and lifecycles in a schedule or forecast. 

As a general practice, we support the latest officially released macOS version and the previous version. This aligns with the general practice of Apple, which encourages people to stay up-to-date with their macOS system.

During the transition period when Apple releases the latest macOS, we extend our current compatibility to provide a smooth transition for the update of both macOS and Archicad / BIMcloud.

We also recommend to always stay up-to-date with the latest macOS. 

Android / iOS

On mobile platforms we constantly monitoring which versions of Andorid and iOS are used heavily by our users. Based on these statistics and the necessary technology behind our products, we adjust our support to the available OSes.


In extraordinary cases we might differ from our general support rules. This usually means we support more operating systems than what we generally would do. We recommend to check our release notes regularly to be in picture about the current supported operating systems.


Currently supported OS versions




Android 8.0 Oreo and above


iOS 12.0 and above


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