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Pet Palette Bug Archi 14

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Hi guys

I have a problem with the pet palette.

When I click between the tools in the pallette eg when modifying a slab edge by adding a vertex there is a graphical 'lag' (ie slowness) when choosing between the tools available on the pet palette.

Not a big deal but frustrating for a fast cookie like me.

Oh the issue comes and goes - it doesnt occur every time.

Im on 64 BIT - ASUS N61JV, i5 laptop - 4 gig RAM, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 325M with 1GB VRAM
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Me too.

The sometimes slowwwww, sometimes not thing is irritating. For me the 3D window can slow down so much it requires coffee time, literally about 6 seconds to show any movement at all. Then sometimes it just goes black. poof. Most of the time it is OK, during same work session even.

I too am using a laptop with above minimum req'd specs, nothing like your ASUS, but still...

Should I reload 14 in 32 bit mode only? AC-13 and 12 perform just dandy on this machine when I need to work on older projects.
Has anybody gone back to 32 bit, or are people still using 32 bit not having goofy slowdowns?

Barry Kelly
I am working in 14 on 32 bit machines and I'm getting random pauses as well.
Even the autosave is much slower than previous versions.
Just waiting for the next hotfix and then i will start coplaining if it isn't improved.
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Versions 6.5 to 27
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Pet Palette functionality in 14 is markedly worse in my experience. I'm not sure if it is a timing/lag issue or what but it just does not do what you want it to do. Hot fix please.
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At first I thought it was a crappy graphics card - or the RAM so I shoved 8 gig of ram into my laptop reran archicad ....and nothing changed... (oh no....300 dollars down the drain...)

I was getting frustrated so I started eliminating variables. I was told to return the computer OS to its most basic state (ie no shake , shadows etc, )

After much ado....Ive solved the problem (at least on my computer anyway...)

I think Archi14 has a dislike for 'aero peek' on Win 7 64.

I set the computer under SYSTEM /. ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS / ADVANCED /VISUAL EFFEXTS to 'best performance'.

Presto - problem solved. No lag = no insanity...If you can live with the Windows 2000 looking desktop all is good. Otherwise - I guess just disabling 'AERO PEEK' will solve the issues as well.
We are experiencing similar problems too .. aside from crashing due to project complexity there seems to be some major bugs in AC14 causing constant UI slowness and spinning wheel action

This is on macs so it must be a platform agnostic AC14 issue



Owen Sharp

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