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PlotFlow Woes

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I just installed plotflow on an OSX 10.3 machine and could not configure the appletalk using the PlotFlow OSX application (it's grayed out). So I tried to configure the classic applications of PlotFlow. The Appletalk works but PlotFlow would not allow me to select a mounted volume in the finder to use as the spool folder. I couldn't even see the volume.

Any solutions?
David Pacifico
Which version of ArchiCAD and/or Plotflow?
David Pacifico, RA

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The plotflow app is from the Archicad 8.1 CD. Archicad is not installed on the client computer running plotflow. I've had this same arrangement for over 9 years. It works great when the client machine is running from OS9. I wanted, however, to switch to OSX for it's ability to reconnect automatically to the server.

Try using your BROWSER instead of Plotflow....

1. Is your plotter connected via Ethernet? (has an IP Address)
2. In MS Explorer/Safari/Netscape... type in

3. You will see a FOLDER named PORT 1, open this folder
4. With the browser window visible, drag and drop your plot files onto the window....

I think I've posted this before. Hope this helps....

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