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Problem with Nvidia NV260 GTX 896MB Ram

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Firstly I apologise if I am in the wrong section. My Wife who is studying architecture at uni is having a problem with Archicad.

I am not an architect so hopefully I make some sort of sense. When she is looking at her building in 3D it is fine until she zooms in and it all then breaks up. I have attached an image with zoom and unzoomed.

I have only tried upgrading the drivers to the latest from Nvidia.

Other Computer Specs are:

Asus P5Q3 Deluxe Motherboard
Intel E8500 Processor
Western Digital Raptor Velocity Hard Drive

She is using the EDU Version.

Hopefully someone knows something about this problem

Thanks in Advance.

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Hrm seems the graphics card was crap. Bought a ASUS ATI 4870X2 makes her archicad run much faster and doesn't crap out like the 260.
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