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Problem with installing or maybe with downloading , HELP PLS

I have problem with archicad ... Im student and i have student license .. for about few months .. But i had problems when i downloaded .exe files that just stopped download .. When i clicked on that it start continues and that same maybe few times to completely download ... By the way one download was ,,all-right,, i mean , i just download that without problems ...... And when i start to install , after few seconds (maybe 2-3sec) installation is completed...,,Completed,, is bad word .. It had install only some readme and something what looking like one of many CAD parts , to run program .. On documents and settings it just added any , propably unusefull for me in this situation...

i want start it to work...And register my program with my serial number...I dont know what to do , please help me and when do u think i cant do this (download cad from other site,which is installed...) please say me that .. But i want my classic STUDENT version , downloading that way is just trying when instalation failed ://// Please help me ! by the way ; Its cad16 / 15 ..... thanks for help and for your time , Karel .
Karl Ottenstein
It sounds like a problem with your internet connection and/or having antivirus software running during the download and installation.

For the installer to not actually do anything sounds like either you did not download from ... or your antivirus prevented a proper installation.
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