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Problems with rendering

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I am currently running Archicad 13 educational on an Intel quad core processor at 2.50 Ghz each, I have the Geforce GT 240 1Ghz Graphics card, 4.00Gb of DDR400 ram and a 32 - bit operating sytem, being windows 7 professional.

Could someone possibly tell me why my renders are not of the highest quality, is there a setting somewhere i would need to change.

They are also taking fairly long, up to 10 minutes each render, this wouldn't be the cause of a virus as I got the new PC on 21 April 2010, have not had any connection to the internet and I have not put any foreign flash drives into my PC. HELP PLEASE!
Not a bug. Yes, slow.

LightWorks as implemented by Archicad does not produce the highest quality renders since it was never based in the most current LightWorks capabilities and has not been updated in over five years. You will not be able to favourably compare Archicad output to Artlantis or any other rendering application.

1: More Quality: set Method to "Final", or "Best". Establish an "Undersun" to fill the soffits with light. Add colour to light. PhotoRendering Settings: Realistic Sun.. More quality requires fine craft: Buy my book.

2: More speed: Minimize polygons. Reduce the number of lights in the scene. Don't use refractive glass, especially overlapping refractive glass. Smaller renderings!!!

I recommend obtaining the student Artlantis. I have a book for that, too.
Dwight Atkinson
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