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Re-linking drawings in Archi-CAD

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Dear all

I know this is a big NO, NO, but we moved the file to a different location on a server based hard drive. Now unfortunately, the drawings in the layout book are unlinked as well as the section / elevation information tags referencing back to the lay out book. So far i have tried using the
Drawing Manager, but i have to link the drawings one at a time. The other option is to like the drawing in the layout book also one at a time. Both are time consuming. Si there a better way?

Thanks for your Help..
Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner

In the Drawing Manager you can re-link:

One single drawing;

Several drawings from the same pln file (in this case you can select a single pln file);

Several drawings from different sources (in this case you can select a folder and ArchiCAD will look for the same file names in the specified folder).

If ArchiCAD cannot find an appropriate source file in the folder it asks you how you want to continue:

'Retain original sources'. This mean keep the original link of the file (maybe this file is somewhere else on your computer and you have selected the folder only accidentally. With this option you can leave the original link of this file untouched)

'Force re-link'. This means re-link the drawing to the new folder as all other drawings (you know that the source file is not in this folder currently, but you don’t care because you will put later the file into that folder. Untill then the drawing status will be unavailable, because AC cannot find the drawing, but it will once it's been placed in the folder).

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